Hello everyone!

2013-03-22 02:40:01 by KotRichard

I had to leave you because of the fact that I wasn't interested in the English-speaking their project.

Strangely enough, I decided to come back. Again.

To begin with, that the new cartoon film in the English language, I will release in April. De vu Ms.. In the past year, I cartoon in English issued in April.

In this time I will stay at Newgrounds and will take an active part in the life of the site.

And again: forgive me for my English. Thank you, "Yandex translator" :D

From Russia with love,

PS: new cartoons in Russian you can see here: http://kotrichard.jimdo.com/ :-)

Hello everyone!

Richard the cat and computer (January, 2012)

2012-05-04 09:03:50 by KotRichard

Russian Languiste.

Statistics (Russian)

2012-04-29 06:15:10 by KotRichard

While in Russian: D

Statistics (Russian)

Good time of day!

2012-04-29 02:41:13 by KotRichard

Hello Newgrounds! My name is Arseny Troshin! I'm from Russia. At the moment, i'm a schoolboy, and my favorite pastime is making flash-cartoons.

I have long been familiar with Newgrounds, so I'll share my cartoons here.
Besides, I'll upload photos, music, etc...

I speak English not so well, but it can be corrected.

Thanks a lot for your attention... And let's go!

Good time of day!